Baby Jogger City Select Review

I am what you call a self proclaimed stroller snob. Since I was pregnant with my daughter, I became obsessed with strollers and learning about each one on the market. I wanted to know what the difference was between these hundreds of strollers and what all the hoopla was with those that require a secondContinue reading “Baby Jogger City Select Review”

Frozen Foods for One Year Olds

In the year 2019, we know frozen foods are not the best. I know, it’s heartbreaking to hear that your square love affair that began with Ellios pizza may not be passed on to your child. There are some out there that can be nutritionally sound. I started looking into good for you frozen foodsContinue reading “Frozen Foods for One Year Olds”

The Car Seat Poncho: The Answer to the End of Car Seat Battles?

The thing that I dislike about the winter the most is not the snow, the cold, or the weather. The thing I despise the most is the battle of the car seat. Oh you know moms, that daily dreaded struggle of shoving your child into the car seat who has now doubled in size dueContinue reading “The Car Seat Poncho: The Answer to the End of Car Seat Battles?”

Kid Safe Cleaning Products: Good Life Granite Cleaner

Kids…they touch everything and put their hands in every orifice of their body. I have yet to meet a parent who is not looking for some sort of safe cleaning product to use around the house. By the second kid, the panic has died down, but things do not stop going into the mouth’s ofContinue reading “Kid Safe Cleaning Products: Good Life Granite Cleaner”

Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup

There are absolutely way too many sippy cups on the shelves these days. When I started to wean Savanna off of the bottle and look for sippy cups, I ended up spending a small salary on cups. We would buy one and  try it out. It only took a day or so before we figuredContinue reading “Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup”

Latest Diaper Bag Must Have: EZPZ Mini Mat

Before babies start to depend on solid food, preparing for a day out is pretty easy- just make sure you have plenty of milk/formula and your good to go. When kiddos start to eat it is so fun but also another thing to shove in that overflowing diaper bag. When Savanna was around 9 monthsContinue reading “Latest Diaper Bag Must Have: EZPZ Mini Mat”

Oat Milk: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Dairy Free Milk and Why I Give it to my Toddler

Oh. M. Gee. Have you guys tried oat milk yet? If not, be prepared to make this your next purchase. Oat Milk has been around for a short while and got it’s start mainly in coffee shops and over seas. Many of the most trendy cafe’s serve oat milk lates, and macachinos and whatever elseContinue reading “Oat Milk: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Dairy Free Milk and Why I Give it to my Toddler”