The Power of the Calm Down Chair

When my daughter was about 18 months, I began to notice the typical dreaded toddler behaviors come out. We went through a biting phase, a hitting phase, a “no” phase, you name we probably went through it. I thought I would know what to do when this happened but to my surprise, I had noContinue reading “The Power of the Calm Down Chair”

What The Heck Is Rapeseed and Why Is It In My Daughter’s Oat Milk?!

As you all know I am a fan of oat milk and give it to my 20 month old instead of dairy milk due to a sensitivity. Aside from a brief shortage, all was going pretty well. Shes growing fine and appears nourished to the eye. However, I learned some information about an ingredient thatContinue reading “What The Heck Is Rapeseed and Why Is It In My Daughter’s Oat Milk?!”

Simple Ways to Encourage Mindful Kids

Mindfulness is all the rage. There’s a reason why it has gained popularity. Mindfulness lives up to its claims to create a calmer, peaceful and more happy life. I’m definitely not a perfect practicer, but I always wonder what life would have been like if I was taught mindfulness when I was younger. I hadContinue reading “Simple Ways to Encourage Mindful Kids”

What the Holidays Taught Me

This year, I really felt that “holiday stress”. I never thought that the holidays could be or should be stressful. However, this year I found myself getting overwhelmed by things that wouldn’t even matter in a few days. I felt pressure to have my house sparkling clean, asked my self questions like “Do I haveContinue reading “What the Holidays Taught Me”

How to Start A Meditation Practice

Meditation and mindfulness have become all the rage. These terms are popping up everywhere, from magazine articles to elementary and high schools classrooms. There is extensive research on the life changing benefits a regular practice can provide such as stress reduction, decreased anxiety, increased attention span, a greater sense of kindness, and increased overall emotionalContinue reading “How to Start A Meditation Practice”

Debating Trying out Reiki? Here’s My Experience

If you asked me a year ago what Reiki was I probably would have said a 90s singer. Today I cannot only tell you what it is, but what it’s like. Growing up I think I always had a little anxiety, but didn’t notice it much. After giving birth to my daughter and going throughContinue reading “Debating Trying out Reiki? Here’s My Experience”

My Journey on Freaking Whole 30

Well this has been interesting. I decided to start the whole on September 10. It’ll be great I said, I will feel awesome I said. Well… turns out its not that easy. As a GF human due to stomach issues, I try to eat healthy or at least what I think is healthy most days.Continue reading “My Journey on Freaking Whole 30”