Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup

There are absolutely way too many sippy cups on the shelves these days. When I started to wean Savanna off of the bottle and look for sippy cups, I ended up spending a small salary on cups. We would buy one and  try it out. It only took a day or so before we figuredContinue reading “Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup”

How to Start A Meditation Practice

Meditation and mindfulness have become all the rage. These terms are popping up everywhere, from magazine articles to elementary and high schools classrooms. There is extensive research on the life changing benefits a regular practice can provide such as stress reduction, decreased anxiety, increased attention span, a greater sense of kindness, and increased overall emotionalContinue reading “How to Start A Meditation Practice”

Weeknight Toddler Win: Butter Chicken

When I was doing Whole30 I tried to look for dinner recipes that everyone would eat so that I am not making 3 different meals. In a Pinterest binge I came across Butter Chicken. Eww… sounds gross. Intrigued, I clicked the link. Turns out there’s not even any butter in this chicken recipe! It’s aContinue reading “Weeknight Toddler Win: Butter Chicken”

Latest Diaper Bag Must Have: EZPZ Mini Mat

Before babies start to depend on solid food, preparing for a day out is pretty easy- just make sure you have plenty of milk/formula and your good to go. When kiddos start to eat it is so fun but also another thing to shove in that overflowing diaper bag. When Savanna was around 9 monthsContinue reading “Latest Diaper Bag Must Have: EZPZ Mini Mat”

Easy Weeknight Almond Flour Chicken Cutlets, Toddler Approved

Some days I love cooking and others I want to empty my life savings to hire a private chef. These almond flour chicken cutlets are something easy and something everyone will love. Even if your husband only eats meat and potatoes and swears he’d never eat anything with nuts in it like mine. The methodContinue reading “Easy Weeknight Almond Flour Chicken Cutlets, Toddler Approved”

Egg Free, Dairy Free Caesar Dressing

If you are like me, you appreciate a delicious homemade creamy dressing every once in a while. My dad used to make homemade caesar dressing that is totally different from what you get in a bottle. It was so good I would practically drink it. After doing Whole 30 I have become a little moreContinue reading “Egg Free, Dairy Free Caesar Dressing”

Debating Trying out Reiki? Here’s My Experience

If you asked me a year ago what Reiki was I probably would have said a 90s singer. Today I cannot only tell you what it is, but what it’s like. Growing up I think I always had a little anxiety, but didn’t notice it much. After giving birth to my daughter and going throughContinue reading “Debating Trying out Reiki? Here’s My Experience”

Loaded Chicken Soup = Toddler Win

I do love to make soups and Chicken Soup is one that every member of my family will eat, even my non veggie eating husband. I feel like sometimes Chicken noodle can be a bi bit boring or bland. I came across this recipe and it definitely jazzed up my normal soup routine. My husbandContinue reading “Loaded Chicken Soup = Toddler Win”

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