Baby Jogger City Select Review

I am what you call a self proclaimed stroller snob. Since I was pregnant with my daughter, I became obsessed with strollers and learning about each one on the market. I wanted to know what the difference was between these hundreds of strollers and what all the hoopla was with those that require a second mortgage. Everywhere we went my eyes would find strollers like magnets. Just like every baby product, it seems like there is a new stroller or updated model every other month! I’ve learned a lot but there is still so much to keep up with.

Along with my stroller addiction have come the purchases of the Chicco Key Fit Caddy, Baby Jogger running stroller, City Mini, and Uppababy Vista. All of these served great purpose but my utmost favorite was the Uppababy. I was walking by a garage sale one day and my stroller magnet eyes did not fail me. They beamed right to a shiny Uppababy Vista with toddler seat and bassinet. I immediately walked up the yard thinking it would be too expensive. Believe it or not, I walked away with that stroller which retailed for $900 at the time for a whopping $75 dollars. I was on cloud nine.

I loved having the bassinet option for my newborn as we took frequent walks in the summer. As I got to know this prized stroller more I realized it was about a 2010 or earlier model. However, even being over 7 years old, it was my favorite stroller. The joy of the Vista is that it can be converted into a double stroller with the purchase of a second seat and attachments. Turns out this model most likely doesn’t work with the second seat. I knew I’d need to purchase another stroller for when baby 2 came along.

Even though my heart belongs to the Uppababy Vista, I ended up going a different route for the double stroller! See, a brand new Vista with second seat and any extra attachments will run you well over 1200 dollars. That’s not always an easy purchase. I looked into purchasing a used one. There are tons of great deals on used Vistas. Then one day a dear friend (who is so savy with the baby stuff and actually the one who came up withe the name Hotmess to Homemade) sent me a text about a 30% off deal on the Baby Jogger City Select. I did like this stroller and was happy with the other baby joggers I owned. I didn’t look into it because I thought it didn’t come with the bassinet. But guess what, it does!

I immediately researched the different models and ended up going with the City Select Lux (of course the most expensive). The reason being is that this model comes with a bench seat attachment that I thought would be great for my stroller hating 2 year old. It was purchased from (frequently has 30% off) and shipped very quickly. Of course we had to give it a whirl right away. Here’s what we learned:


  • Super easy put together
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Looks similar to Uppababy
  • Bench seat attachment is unique and great for bigger ones
  • Hand break that is helpful when going down hill
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Large under space for storage
  • Zipper pockets on back of seats for storing small items


  • Heavy! This is definitely heavier than the Uppababy even with just one baby. I almost went into labor pushing this bad boy up hill.
  • The tires are nice that they don’t ever need air, but it feels like it isn’t as smooth of a ride as it could be
  • It’s longer than the Uppababy, but not too inconvenient.

I haven’t yet used this with the car seat attachment or bassinet but I am thinking it will be relatively easy to set up. The Lux model does have a zipper on the back of the seats for storage, but I am thinking I will need the cup holder/storage attachment because we use it frequently.  Overall, I think this is a good deal for the money. However, if you have the extra to spend on the Uppababy I’d go with that. It would make most sense to purchase either stroller for your first child and just be able to add on as your family grows!


Savanna Says: 8 out of 10

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