PediPed Shoe Review

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many adorable shoes out there for little ones. When your child begins to actually need shoes it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. I had not idea that there was such thing as “first walkers” for babies or that those cute clearance shoes at target actually make it harder for my baby to walk and are actually crap.

After buying a ton of shoes that I thought would be great, I learned that they were not very practical for my daughter. I walked into a local kids shoe store one day and saw shoes I had never even heard of! These shoes for babies are like those shoes for seniors, except way cuter. Many of the brands in this store were labeled as being suitable for first time walkers, supportive of the foot and comfortable.

We went with PediPeds and I’m on my 2nd pair of sneakers! These shoes are not the cheapest, but they last. The quality is great and they really helped my daughter with walking and figuring out how to manage her feet. Did you know that the proper toddler shoe actually is supposed to curve up in the front raising the toes slightly? Yea, as anyone can see by the paper thin amazon shoes I originally got her I had no idea.

You can sign up on the Pediped website found here for 15% off of your first order. Even better, here you can find the Pediped outlet site! In New Jersey, there is a store call Jay’s Shoe Box in Denville which seems to be one of the last surviving kids shoe stores. They will measure your child’s foot, have a great selection and offer that you can exchange shoes if they don’t fit when it gets to the season you are buying them for. The store usually has 5 dollar off coupons that are provided after a purchase as well. Of course, everyone needs some of those cheaper shoes in their wardrobe, but these are great to add in a few quality pairs that will get you through a whole season and more.

Savanna Says: These are a 9!

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