Protein and Pregnancy

Being pregnant means all of your nutrients are getting sucked up by that beautiful little baby in your belly. While I am happy to share, I often get worried that I am consuming enough of the right stuff. It is recommended that pregnant woman consume 25 extra grams of protein a day. That’s equivalent to 4 eggs or 1 cup of cottage cheese. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the thought of either of those things induces a waterfall of vomit. Protein bars and shakes are an easy way to get that in when you don’t feel like eating. To be honest, in the beginning I couldn’t drink protein shakes because it would come right back up. Now at month 5 I can’t get enough.

It is always best to speak with your doctor about consuming anything of questions such as proteins. However, after talking with mine and doing some research, it seems that protein supplements are generally safe. It is just important to be mindful of the products you are choosing and their ingredients. Here are some of the best guidelines I found.

  1. Choose high quality products with organic or natural ingredients.
  2. Do your research to understand the difference between whey, egg and plant based proteins.
  3. Check ingredients for heavy metals. Believe it or not, veggie proteins tend to be higher in heavy metals than whey which is why a high quality product can make a difference.
  4. Check for sweeteners. Stevia and monk fruit seem to be deemed ok but aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are additives you might want to stay away from.
  5. Stay away from any added not needed ingredients such as caffeine or creatine. This is not the time to be chugging C-4.
  6. Look for bonus nutrients like omegas, vitamins and probiotics.

In the end, its best to go with your gut and find what works best for you and your body. It’s really for something extra and not to replace real foods. Here are some of the products I have been living by.

OWYN Protein Powder. Image result for owyn

DELICIOUS plant based protein with a decent amount of vitamins and probiotics. 4 grams of added sugar which I don’t totally like, but it’s not terrible. I’m digging the chocolate. They also make ready to drink protein shakes and bars, but I haven’t tried them.

RxBars. RXBARs - Whole Food Protein Bars

My doctor suggested that it is fine to eat these every day. And I almost do. They are made of all natural ingredients and most of the flavors without chocolate are also Whole30! However, they are a little hard to find right now because every flavor without peanuts was recalled for possibly having traces of peanuts.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood. Amazing Grass Protein Superfood - Chocolate Peanut Butter (15.1 Ounces Powder) - Plant Based Blends

Great ingredients and no added sugar. Although, it is a little expensive and a little higher in calories than similar products. It tastes great and comes out thicker than traditional protein.

Try what works best and get your protein in!


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