Pink Stork Pregnancy Supplements

In the midst of the first trimester every minute is spent thinking about what you could eat, do, drink, or not do to get some relief from all day nausea. One night while on an Amazon tear, I had no idea I was about to encounter the most amazing and kindest company I have ever made a purchase from. I found a product called Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea. Sign me up! As I have learned, nothing really rids the feeling except time, but I thought this could help or at least be something else to drink besides water.

When I received my tea I was definitely pleased. It is a blood orange tea that is supposed to help with hydration. Tastes great plain or with honey and you get 2 cups out of on bag-o. (The mug helps ease the nausea too). IMG_1235

So you are probably wondering what is so great about this company? Well, about a week after I received my order I got a letter in the mail. It was from Pink Stork thanking me for the purchase and offering me a free product. It was signed in pen and felt sincere so I took the bait and emailed in for a free product. The letter stated that I could pick any of their products and just let them know which I wanted. I didn’t know if it had to be a trial size or something special and was preparing for “Oh that doesn’t count”. I emailed in stating that I would try either the liquid vitamin or the probiotic, whichever was available. Well was I shocked when i got the response! When the company responded I was told I would be sent both products! Again, it felt sincere and kind and true to the company’s claim to be run by moms for moms.

I got my package a few days later to find the full size products both valued at $19 and $25!! How amazing is that! The liquid vitamin was so helpful when I was feeling sick because I often couldn’t bare to choke down my giant pill. However, it does have 25% less iron than my solid vitamin so I have been alternating between the two.  The probiotic did help with the lovely constipation that comes with pregnancy and not much helps me!


Pink Stork carries tons of pre and postnatal products. I was so surprised to recently find some of their goodies in my local CVS! I had no idea CVS had such a varied expectant moms section-better than target for sure. I highly recommend trying out the organic products from Pink Stork, not only because the products are helpful, but because it feels good to know your are buying from a kind and honest company. A good product is hard to come by (promise no one is paying me to write any of this), so I hope by sharing my experience you can get some relief during your first trimester too.

Savanna Says: Mom gives this one a 10

Pink Stork on Amazon 

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