Latest Diaper Bag Must Have: EZPZ Mini Mat

Before babies start to depend on solid food, preparing for a day out is pretty easy- just make sure you have plenty of milk/formula and your good to go. When kiddos start to eat it is so fun but also another thing to shove in that overflowing diaper bag.

When Savanna was around 9 months she wanted to eat anything we ate and loved food (she still does). Whenever she ate at home I would just put some food on her high chair tray and was lucky if half of it made it into her mouth. If we would go out to a restaurant or be at a friends it wasn’t so easy. One day I came across I found this plate in Buy Buy Baby that claimed to stick to most surfaces so baby couldn’t throw it in anyone’s face or smash it to pieces. It was small enough, dishwasher safe and came in its own little case. BINGO! Need this I thought. It was 20 bucks, a little much for a plate if you ask me, but I justified it with my 20% coupon and splurged.


Was it worth it? Hell yes! I can’t tell you the amount of times this came in handy and the amount of compliments I would get for “being so smart to think of packing that”. Major mom points. I keep this in our diaper bag so that Savanna has something to eat of off when we are at a restaurant rather than a plate that quickly would turn into a Frisbee. It does stick to most surfaces, however it won’t stick on table clothes obviously and we’ve been at a restaurant or 2 where it just didn’t cling to the table for whatever reason. When picked up its a little flimsy so its hard for little ones to get very far with it which is good. These would be great for home too, just depends how much you want to spend on plates. If you are having a baby soon, put this on your registry. And if you have a baby already get your coupon and and make space in your diaper bag. You’ll thank yourself the next time your family is out to eat and you leave without hiding that broken plate under the table.

Savanna Says Score: She gives this one a 9

I found it on clearance at Crate and Kids right now for $15.97! 


Buy Buy Baby 

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